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Is it Time to Repair or Replace Your Fence?

Picture this, you’re a member of one of Frisco’s pristine HOAs, and you receive that fateful knock on your door. Inspectors have reviewed your neighborhood after a big storm, and your home violates neighborhood uniformity.

You mow your lawn regularly and recently received exterior painting services, but after the storm, your home’s fence is looking much worse for wear.

You need fence repairs, and you needed them yesterday. Unfortunately, fences don’t last forever, and the chances are you should have made repairs following some signs of wear you overlooked.

Let’s dive into when it’s time to take back your home’s exterior beauty with fencing repairs and how Final Cut can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Leaning or Loose Posts

loose fence postFence posts provide the foundation and structure that holds the entire fence up. If you notice any leaning, loose, or wiggly posts, the post is no longer sturdy enough to support the fence properly. 

Ignoring these signs of necessary fence repairs leads to sagging and warping panels, creating gaps and holes along your home’s initial protective barrier. 

If left ignored, damaged posts can lead to a total fencing collapse.

Sure, you could visually see some posts in danger, but there are some hidden signs you should periodically check for. These can include the following:

  • Posts that move or shake when you push on them 
  • Sections of fence that appear lower or higher than others
  • Bowed or sagging fence lines between posts

Rotten or Split Wood 

Wooden fences, especially those made of non-treated lumber, are highly susceptible to rotting and splitting over time. 

Think about it, your fence is subject to constant use, uninhibited sun exposure, and never has an umbrella when the rain strikes. Unsurprisingly, the average wooden fence only lasts a maximum of 20 years.

As moisture seeps into the wood, it causes decay, mold growth, and structural damage. 

Sun exposure also deteriorates wood fibers, causing cracking and splintering. 

Check your wood fences every few months for signs of extensive rot or split wood, which compromises strength. 

You’ll need to replace problematic areas that include the following visible issues:

  • Blackened, crumbly wood with decay
  • Splinters, cracks, and peeling wood
  • Mold, mildew, or fungal growth on the fence

Rusty or Corroded Fencing

Wooden fences aren’t the only ones that the weather beats down on. Rust corrosion from Mother Nature is the biggest enemy for metal fences made from wrought iron, aluminum, or galvanized steel. 

Over years of rain, moisture, and sun exposure, metal will show signs of rust, flaking, pitting, and mineral deposits. More than just an eyesore, corrosion can eat through the metal, causing fasteners, links, and posts to fail. 

Keeping metal fences sealed and painted goes a long way. But deteriorated sections may need replacing to keep the fence intact. Be on the lookout for:  

  • Rust stains or bleeding 
  • Peeling paint or clear coat
  •  Areas with pitting, cracking, or holes
  • Corroded, jammed, or broken metal parts

Weak or Damaged Fence Boards 

The repeated impact from weather, falling debris, animals, and general wear takes a toll on fence boards. Cracked, splintered, or broken boards look unsightly and impact the fence’s effectiveness and structure. Damaged areas provide easy access for anyone climbing the fence. Regularly inspect for loose, cracked, or missing planks, pickets, or fence rails that need repair or replacement.

  • Rotting, split, or warped boards
  • Loose or popped nails, screws, or bolts
  • Areas damaged by falling trees or storms
  • Pet damage or chewing around boards

Final Cut Helps You Catch Fence Damage Early

fence-replacementWhen it comes to your fence, it’s easy for minor problems to mushroom into massive headaches that require full fence replacement

When you find signs of damage, take control and become the savior of your home. However, going the fence repair route alone could lead to further issues without the right guide.

The team at Final Cut will step in, help you visualize what your ideal fence should look like, and walk you through the solution process that leads to a sturdy, beautiful fence you and your family can be proud of.

Attention to detail is our “thing.” So you can expect us to scour your fence like Sherlock Holmes and find even the slightest sign of disrepair that could lead to a more significant fencing problem.

We can even help you understand those pesky HOA and zoning laws destroying your fencing vision.

Schedule Your Fence Repair With Final Cut Today!

Your fence may be a small part of your home’s exterior, but it should be at the top of your maintenance list when repairs are needed. If you’ve gotten this far and discovered that you need fence repairs or a full fence replacement, trust Final Cut to help you get your fence back to its white picket glory.

Whether you’re planning on hoisting your future bride over its threshold or want a beautiful entryway that welcomes guests to your garden, we can help you create a beautiful fence for any occasion. 

From our general first inspection to our obsession over the final touches of your fencing, we have the experience you need for fence repairs that lead to privacy, beauty, and (in some cases) uniformity.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation.



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