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The Quiet Superhero Property Protector

While Mother Nature may seem nurturing most of the time, the truth is that many of her gifts can also set out to destroy your property. Extreme temperatures such as hot summer months and unexpected pouring rain can lead to foundation problems that cause a domino effect of household issues.

The good news is, there’s a superhero ready to help you defend your home against these extreme temperature villains; your gutters. Your gutters will quietly defend your home and keep your curb appeal up as you and your family relax and enjoy your home, knowing you’re well protected.

Let’s get into how we can guide you toward picking the right hero in the gutter roster to help you keep making beautiful memories in your home for years.

First, Let’s Survey Your Property

gutter installationBefore we get to work replacing your gutters, we need survey your property. During the survey process, we’ll determine how many feet of gutters you need and where we need to place them. We’ll need your input during this phase because you may want to add gutters over concrete for aesthetic reasons.

We’ll determine the right amount of downspouts for your property, the proximity of nearby trees, and whether you want to go with splash guards, French drains, seamless or sectioned gutters. 

If these options seem overwhelming, don’t worry, we’ll go into more of this later.

Once we know your situation, we can start making the ideal suggestions for the proper superhero for your job. We’re ready to connect you with a gutter system that prevents expensive foundation problems that insurance doesn’t cover.

We can help you succeed in the fight against shifting floors, doors, drywalls, windows, and ceilings.

Seamless Vs. Sectional Gutters: Batman Vs. Superman

When protecting your home, you want the best heor on your side. While seamless and sectional gutters have their foothold in success against rain, the true hero in seamless gutter options is clear.

Seamless gutters have fewer joints than their sectional counterparts, which means fewer leaks and more water flowing away from your home.

Seamless gutters provide a cleaner, more streamlined look than traditional sectional gutters. Because they are a single piece of material and lack seams, seamless gutters have a smooth, continuous appearance. This gives your home a more polished, upscale look. Sectional gutters, by contrast, are visually disruptive and make the gutters look more piecemeal and an obvious addition to your home. 

The best part about seamless gutters is that they are low maintenance. Since there are no joints or seams, less dirt, and debris build up within the system. This means less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying living in your home.

Custom Seamless Gutters Perfectly Designed to Fit Your Home

Unlike what most people believe, seamless gutters don’t come pre-made and ready to slap onto your home. When we approach gutter installation, we look at the shape of your roof and adequately design splash guards to prevent overflow. We also position downspouts to blend in with your home and get the job done.

Clogged Gutters and Downspouts Are Kryptonite to Your Home

custom_seamless_gutters_frisco_txWhen dirt and debris collect in your gutters, water overflows and slowly eats away at your home’s foundation. Your home may be super, but it won’t hold up against water attacks from Aquaman’s foes forever. 

We recommend keeping tree limbs six feet away from your roofline to keep your gutters clear. For even more protection, installing leaf guards over your seamless gutters will save you time, money, headache, and the risk of falling while cleaning your gutters.

Speaking of regular gutter cleaning, we offer free cleaning for the duration of your gutter warranty with Final Cut! So, you can easily keep up with gutter maintenance twice a year without the safety risk or time away from your family. 

What Products to Consider: Superhero Checklist

Ready to send off the Bat Signal for new seamless gutters? Here’s a look at some essential products for supreme gutter installation.

Pre-Painted Vs. Custom Paint

Pre-painted gutters offer a nicer, longer-lasting look that bakes the paint into the product instead of painting them after the installation. They also allow for a more seamless look that closely mirrors the color of your home.

Different Sizes

Regarding your gutters, one size doesn’t fit all, especially for the look of your home. Gutters come in 5” and 6” sizes. Most homeowners opt for 5” standards, but some who live in areas that experience higher rainfall opt for 40 percent more protection with 6” gutters. Downspouts are also available in two sizes based on protection preferences: 3” or 4”.


What would a superhero be without the gadgets and powers that make them super? Some of the best accessories we can recommend for your gutters include:

  • Screwed-on metal leaf guards that won’t blow off in the wind. We can even help you find standard leaf guards without the extra cost of patented products.
  • Concrete splash guards safely divert water from your foundation and promote better water drainage around your home.
  • French Drains are another accessory that adds flair and effectiveness to your home’s protection. We can perform a quick installation that prevents standing water and promotes erosion control on your property.

Save the Day With Seamless Gutters

Knowing the silent hero of your home makes resting easier throughout any storm a possibility. Installing seamless gutters is an excellent first step to becoming the guardian of your galaxy!

At Final Cut, we have the roster to fill out all your gutter essentials. Don’t wait! Call us now to receive an estimate for your gutter replacement.



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