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Tackling a Roof Leak Before Structural Damage Occurs

A hearty rainfall is always welcome in Texas after a lengthy dry spell. Yet, if you’re resting in your house, waiting out the storm, and notice the sound of water dripping on your floor, you’ve got a problem. 

Roof leaks are every homeowner’s nightmare. If left unresolved, they create structural damage and lead to premature roof replacement, mold growth, and floor warping.

Protecting your home from the elements outside ready to destroy it should always be your priority as a homeowner, but sometimes a leak means you’ve acted too late. 

Never fear; there are a few steps you can take to protect your home at this point as you wait for our roofing team to guide you through the rest of the repair process.

With some detective work and temporary repairs, you can get the leak under control until a roofer makes permanent repairs. Read on to learn how to track down and tackle a roof leak.

Detecting the Source of the Leak

Roofing Cotractor Frisco TX, Roofing Company frisco tx, Roofing Services frisco txYour first step is to figure out where that water is coming from. But that doesn’t mean risking it all and going up on the roof. Go into your attic with a flashlight and look for wet areas on the roof decking or spots where light is streaming through. 

This will give you a general idea of the leak’s location.

Once you’ve found the leak, minimize further water intrusion; cover the holes with plastic sheeting.

When to Call the Pros

While minor roof repairs like patching shingles or resealing flashing are doable DIY projects for the handiest of homeowners, it’s best to call in a professional roofer for major leaks or extensive damage. 

We have the expertise, equipment, and access to the quality materials needed to repair or replace your roof permanently.

Signs it’s time to pick up the phone include:

  • Visible light or major dripping/puddling in the attic
  • Leaks in older or worn-out roofing materials
  • Significant pooling water on the roof
  • Major damage like missing or curling shingles over a large area
  • Severe attic mold or structural damage from prolonged leakage

We Perform a Full Roof Inspection

We start with a full roof inspection when you call us for guidance. Your roof is too dangerous to traverse on your own, so let us do the scary work and climb on the roof for you. 

Combined with your previous knowledge of the damage and guidance, our team will scale your roof and put our detective work to the test. Much like the famed snoop Hercule Poirot, we will figure out the source of your leak without wasting any time. 

We Help You Find the Perfect Roof Material Replacements

Any repair should last your home years. Choosing the right roof materials for a repair is critical. We help you make ordering the perfect roof materials look easy. 

Our connections with the highest-quality vendors let you choose the right and best upgrades for your roof. Whether you’re replacing your clay shingles with metal roofing or want to switch out an old section of your roof for a similar product, we’ll help you organize a delivery that guarantees you’ll have the materials you need when you need them! 

You can consider us the Q to your James Bond as you work to crack the case of your leaking roof.

We Handle Building Permits

We do everything possible for you to bring yourself one step closer to repairing your roof. Our services include dealing with building permits if the repair is big enough or you need a total roof replacement.

You’ve done your part by stepping up and calling us to be your guide. Let us handle your permits and get your project on track fast!

We Get to Work Right Away on Roof Leak Repairs

Radiant Barrier Roofing Felt Final Cut RoofingWhen the big day arrives, we’re ready to get on your roof and help you patch up any leaks or resolve any problems that put your structure at risk. Once we have all our materials ready, we get straight to work as long as the weather permits.

We work fast and efficiently and ensure your project doesn’t leave a bad impression on the neighbors. We always check on city ordinances, won’t fire up noisy equipment until 8 AM, and will stop loud activities 30 minutes before sunset.

We will start and finish your project within a day. It can take longer based on the size of your roof or the complexity of the repair. However, we aim to be in and out while creating as little interruption in your daily life as possible.

Stop Leaks in Their Tracks Today

Life is too hectic to let a roof leak add to the stress of being a homeowner. Frequently, these leaks are quick fixes that a roofer can take care of within a day. 

We are ready to help you patch up your leaky roof and preserve your home’s integrity for years. Contact us today to schedule your roof consultation.



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