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Roof Damage Caused By Foundation Problems

roof damage caused by foundation problems


The picture above is an example of roof damage caused by foundation problems. It’s what could happen to your roof when foundation problems reach epic proportions. The result may be thousands of dollars of interior damage caused by rainwater seeping through small gaps throughout the roofing system. A simple rule to remember about foundation problems: if your foundation moves, so will your roof! 

What are the risks associated with roof damage caused by foundation problems?

Roof leaks that go undetected for long periods possess a high risk of turning into black mold. Black mold is a dangerous fungus that has serious health risk factors. Once it has a foothold in your attic, it can spread very quickly. 

Can you replace your roof before making any foundation repairs?

Before you install a new roofing system, you have to address the foundation problems first. From our discovery, many homeowners are unaware of early warning signs. So in this article, we’ll help you spot early signs of foundation problems and how to address them. Our primary goal is to help you reduce your chances of roof damage caused by foundation problems. 

Why are homeowners not aware that foundation problems can cause roof damage?

There are many reasons why you might not be unaware of the risk of foundation problems. You shouldn’t feel bad. Many homeowners are unaware that foundation problems can cause roof damage. Occasionally, we meet homeowners who have relocated from different states where foundation problems don’t exist.

Additionally, you may be a first-time homeowner and are new to the realm of landlord duties. Homeownership means closely monitoring the moisture in your soil, consistently running soaker hoses in the summer, and periodically inspecting your home for cracks in the structure or the ground. 

Are there early warning signs of roof damage caused by foundation problems?

Due to climate change, we are experiencing drastic temperature fluctuations, severe droughts, and extreme rain patterns. These are all recipes for a disaster. Though it may be difficult to see the effects of climate change, the evidence is starting to show at home on our soil. 

Soil can act like a sponge expanding and contracting as it gets moist or dry. Pay close attention to the level of your soil right at the foundation. If you notice your soil levels dropping several inches below the foundation, you may be on your way to the early stages of foundation problems. 

What do we know about foundation problems?

Foundation problems can occur on homes:

  • near creeks or moist land
  • without a sprinkler system
  • lacking a proper drainage system
  • without a Gutter System
  • with large trees on the property

Add to that the fact that insurance companies don’t pay for the cost of foundation repair, which is very expensive. That is why you must be proactive and consistently monitor your soil and look for early warning signs of foundation problems. 

I made foundation repairs. When can my roof damage be replaced?

If you need your roof replaced due to hail damage from a recent hail storm but have foundation problems, you must address the foundation problems first. Repairing your foundation after replacing a roof may cause your roof to move again. As a rule of thumb, we generally recommend waiting at least two to three months. Waiting will allow your soil and the foundation repairs to settle.

How long you should wait should ultimately be determined by your foundation repair expert. After all, they are the ones who know the complexity of your repairs, and they would be the experts that can provide you with the best course of action. 

Can roof damage caused by foundation problems repair?

I have good news for you. In most cases, we can make minimal repairs to your roof and help you avoid costlier repairs down the road. However, in extreme cases, your roof may need to be replaced to prevent damage to the property. The first step is to inspect your roof and attic to assess the situation. After a thorough inspection, we can design a custom solution specifically tailored to your needs. We’re committed to helping you minimize the cost and downtime away from your family and the things you love the most. 

Final Thoughts

You just learned that roof damage caused by foundation problems is very serious. Fortunately, you’re doing your research, and you are ready to be proactive to prevent damage to your property. Be sure to visit our Blog for more helpful tips and trick to help you make the best of your situation. We love helping so, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We’re always here to help. 



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