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Roof Wind Damage


Roof Wind Damage in Frisco, TX

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There’s no mystery as to how Texas and Oklahoma got the name, Tornado Alley. Between the two states, every year the National Weather Service Center reports over 200 wind storms each year. Since the majority of our beautiful states are bare land, most of the severe storms never make their way to local news. Almost 50% of wind storms average in the range of about 45mph to 65mph. About 30% of wind storms reach a dangerous speed of about 80mph. Surprisingly, less than 3% of wind storms reach or exceed a powerful 100mph. In any of these cases, roof wind damage can occur.

Roof Repair Questions

  • What is the speed of mph of wind storms in your region?
  • What is the Wind Gust Resistance Warranty on your roof?
These are very important questions to ask before you purchase a home or purchase a new roof replacement. As HAAG Certified Roofing Inspectors, we are trained and certified to provide you with the best course of action the first time. Should you ever find yourself involved in a natural disaster, you can count on us for a variety of roofing services to help you restore your home back to its original beauty.

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