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Chimney Repair


Chimney Repair in Frisco, TX

Chimney Repair in Frisco, DFW and the Surrounding Area

If you’re looking for exceptional customer service and expert chimney repair in Frisco, Texas or the greater DFW area, you’ve come to the right place! From minor chimney roof leaks to major custom design or replacement, our team of experts handles all chimney situations.

Living in Texas where fireplaces are used for only one or two months out of the year, a chimney problem may not seem like something you need to address immediately. However, even if it’s a small crack, don’t assume it’s purely a cosmetic issue. More often than not, cracks are a symptom of a greater problem. And as is always the case with home repair, it’s best to identify the root of your problem as soon as possible. This allows you to take care of any underlying chimney issues right away, preventing further damage.

Contrary to appearances, your chimney is a completely separate system from your roof. When a new home is built, the first thing that goes on is the roof. Roofers place a piece of L-shaped flashing along all the sections where the roof ends. Following the roof installation, a siding and masonry specialist will install a different type of flashing that’s built into the mortar or installed neatly behind the siding.


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