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Expert Tips for Siding Hail Damage Repair

Picture this likely situation in Texas. You are sitting on your front porch, minding your own business, eagerly participating in a porch stormwatch as some clouds roll in. 

The rain starts pouring in buckets; rather than an ordinary thunderstorm, you quickly have to move inside as hail falls from the sky. You hear the icy lumps pounding against your home’s siding and can’t ignore the pit in your stomach that signals you may be in store for siding hail damage repair.

What do you do? Do you file an insurance claim? Do you spring for instant repairs? It’s easy for a hail storm to leave you frozen to make the right decision.

However, the solution is easy! Call Final Cut to guide you through all of these difficult decisions!

How to File a Siding Insurance Claim

After a hail storm, you should never immediately file an insurance claim unless you face substantial damage.

Not only do you risk paying two deductibles if another storm rolls in and damages your home, but insurance companies really only want to make moves on claims that show owners have put effort into mitigating further damage.

After a hail storm, call us first! We can quickly determine if there’s enough damage to file a claim. If we find you’ll need to do so, we’ll secure the damage with a temporary fix.

From there, we’ll take pictures of the state of your siding and meet with adjusters to plan out a scope of work.

If you want your insurance company to compensate you for your damage and repairs, let our team step in and make our process work toward a satisfying solution.

Siding Damage We Look For

When you reach out to us, you’re gaining the best help you can get after hail damage to siding. 

After a heavy hail storm, we’ll come out and thoroughly inspect your siding, define any significant damage, and get you on the path toward filing an insurance claim. We must repair as much siding damage as possible because if left unaddressed, the following issues can lead to water damage, weakened insulation, and irreversible structural problems.


When it hails the size of golf balls as it does so often in Dallas, hailstones can pound dents into the surface of your siding.

If your siding is metal, aluminum, or vinyl, it’s more susceptible to dent damage after a storm. 

Cracks and Holes

If your siding is fiber cement or wood, a heavy hail storm can cause cracks and holes, exposing your home to the elements.

Our experts will inspect every inch of your siding and ensure we patch-up all cracks and holes before we help you file your insurance claim.

Loose or Missing Siding Pieces

Hail impact can loosen or dislodge siding panels. When we visit for our consultation, we’ll thoroughly review your property to ensure your siding pieces are in place. We will quickly spot any sections that have come loose or gone missing after a storm. These will be the first areas we patch up and help you plan for permanent repairs.

Soft Spots in Your Siding

In the case of vinyl siding, hail can cause soft spots or areas of give when pressed. All we have to do is gently press on the siding to check for any unusual softness. If your siding is malleable, this indicates underlying damage and points to a specific area we’ll replace! 

Quality Siding Repair That Will Last a Generation

At Final Cut, we believe in rolling out the red carpet for all our customers. You’re stressed enough about having damages, so we’re here to get you through every step of the process, from selecting siding material to final repairs and painting your siding to meet your aesthetic.

During the Final Cut transformation process, we go above and beyond for your siding repairs and can even help with tasks as minute as moving plants out of the construction zone.

Trust us to remove all siding trim and accessories from the damaged area and to pry/unscrew your siding from its foundation. We work with the latest equipment and train with precision to ensure our removal process is easy on your home and that we can repair hail damage to siding with as clean a slate as possible.

Whether your new siding selection is wooden or lap-engineered, our siding contractors will ensure your home looks gorgeous and make your property the neighborhood envy.

Hassle-Free Peace of Mind Warranty

Besides our quality repair and replacement work, we help you mentally recover from your hail storm experience.

Our siding repair service comes with a warranty that helps you sleep better at night, knowing that your siding is covered if another storm rolls through.

Depending on the products and services you choose, our warranties come in three levels:


Our Standard warranty covers all materials and labor for five years. If there is ever a problem that results from improper installation, our Standard warranty covers your repairs.


Our Advanced warranty covers everything that comes with our Standard warranty. It also covers issues of recalls and manufacturer defects.

Our Advanced warranty lasts five to ten years, based on your selected products.


Premium coverage includes everything in our Advanced option but also covers accidental damage you may cause to your siding!

Drop a ladder on your siding? Bang into it with some heavy equipment? We’ll cover your costs for material and labor.

Our Premium coverage also includes free maintenance and unlimited siding touch-ups!

You Can Do This. Make The Call Today.

Congratulations! You just learned everything you need to know about siding hail damage repair. From filing a homeowner’s insurance claim to the finishing touches of your new siding, we’ll be by your side every step.

Hail storms are not fun. They’re terrifying, and they can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your lovely home. Handling your siding damage insurance claim or making repairs to your siding on your own is like performing surgery on yourself. You shouldn’t go at it alone! 

Let us show you how easy it is when you have a dedicated team with a process that delivers exceptional results. 

Our goal at Final Cut is to help homeowners like yourself to get back to enjoying life. Leave the heavy lifting to us, and you’ll be back to backyard cookouts and social gatherings before you know it. 

Click or call us today and let’s talk about your project. Contacting us will be the best decision you make. You’ll be glad you made the call.



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