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The Benefits of Lap-Engineered Treating Components for Siding

The siding of your house makes or breaks your curb appeal. You want to work with quality products that make you fall in love with their versatility, look, and durability. This means that sometimes, plain hardwood siding won’t cut it.

If you’re in the market for new siding, you may have come across the term “lap-engineered treating components.” While the term may sound fun and exciting, we always want you to make the best choice for your siding replacement. So, it’s always best to know what makes lap-engineered treating components different from standard siding options for your home. 

Let’s understand what lap-engineered treated components are and why you should consider using them to protect what matters to you from anything Mother Nature tosses! 

Lap-Engineered Treated Components: More Security, More Quality, More Satisfaction

When you choose lap-engineered treated components, we know that you’ll fall in love with the engineering that makes them the premier siding choice.

Lap-engineered treated components are wood boards specially engineered with a joint lap system to create a more robust, straighter, and longer-lasting siding option. 

The lap joints are created by cutting each board at an angle and overlapping those cuts when placing the panels side by side. The tight placement of the siding creates a more secure fit between individual siding pieces, making it less likely that they will shift over time due to weather or other external elements. 

At Final Cut, every client deserves a comfortable, well-protected home. That’s why we specialize in lap-engineered treated siding installation.

Why You’ll Love Lap-Engineered Siding

The joint system used in lap-engineered treating components is far superior to traditional siding options. Based on its shape and engineering, it holds up to wear and tear much better than typical boards. The average lap siding lasts between 20 and 40 years.

Overlapping at an angle also reduces the number of potential weak spots where water can seep through and cause damage. In addition, lap-engineered treating components allow for greater flexibility when installing or replacing siding since there is no need to cut individual boards. With lap-siding, the panels are already pre-cut, so all you have to do is fit them together like puzzle pieces! 

One of the best parts about lap-engineered siding is that homeowners can order it to meet their aesthetics despite being a composite product. After all, what’s the point of jazzing up the exterior of your home if you can’t make it look the way you want?

Lap-engineered siding comes in various colors, textures, and finishes that resemble traditional wood siding. This means you can keep the traditional All-American look without the bumps in the road that come with wood siding.

Lap-Engineered Siding is More Resistant to Water Damage

When installing lap-engineered siding; we can help you avoid one of the biggest nightmares homeowner faces; water damage.

The literal tight, interlocking design of Lap-engineered treated components makes it more water-resistant than wood siding. 

When placed side by side, the components form a solid seal that prevents moisture from seeping through, thus preventing warping, cracking, or rotting that can occur with traditional wood siding when exposed to rain and snowfall. This protection leads to the inherent bonus of mold growth protection within your home.

Additionally, manufacturers design these components for resistance against extreme weather conditions such as high winds and hail. 

They also have a higher resistance to UV rays which helps preserve the integrity of the siding over time. 

In short, protect your home from anything Mother Nature hurdles its way while ensuring you still have one of the most stylish homes in the neighborhood.

Keep Your Energy Where it Belongs: Inside Your Home!

Tired of dreading your monthly energy bills? Your current siding could be the culprit that’s leaking your HVAC energy out into the open and draining your bank account!

Lap-engineered treated siding is an excellent option for homeowners who want to improve their insulation and energy retention. 

The design of this option creates an airtight seal around the exterior of the home, reducing the amount of energy lost through the walls. 

Non-engineered wood siding often blisters and shrinks under the elements, creating cracks in the siding’s armor. Lap-engineered siding is pre-treated to prevent bending and warping, ensuring your home experiences improved thermal protection.

As a result, lap-engineered treated siding can help reduce your energy bills by keeping warm air in cold and cool air during hot months.

Simple, Quick Installation Lets You Enjoy Your Home Faster

You know the result of your siding project will lead to excellent results. However, the thought of having contractors taking up space and clogging up your free time could bring on stress.

At Final Cut, we get the dread and do everything we can to install your siding quickly so you can continue your busy life! This is yet another reason to work with treated siding!

The interlocking lap design in treated siding makes installation a breeze, eliminating the need for additional nailing as it locks panels in place.  

This interlocking design makes it significantly easier to line up pieces of siding when installing them on a wall, saving homeowners time and money. 

Additionally, this type of siding typically comes pre-painted, meaning all you have to do is pre-select your color and style. 

With the professionals of Final Cut on your side, there’s no time wasted, and your siding will quickly give your home the property value boost it deserves.

Make the Premier Siding Choice With Final Cut Roofing & Construction

If your siding looks worse for wear and turning heads in all the wrong ways, it’s time to give your home the ultimate upgrade. Whether you need new siding installed on your entire house or want to replace a few damaged panels, lap-engineered treating components is worth considering.

Final Cut will walk you through the process, from selecting your siding to the last high-five when we complete the job! 

We’re here for you and ready to bring the customer service you deserve. Contact us today to schedule the siding installation services throughout the Metroplex.




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