Roof Replacement

What is Roof Replacement?

Residential roofing also known as steep slope roofing is defined as a roof replacement installed on a roof with a 3:12 pitch or greater. To give you a visual, take a standard 12-inch ruler and raise one end about 3 inches off a table. You will see that it is a very low angle or slope. Most residential roofs range between a 5:12 and a 12:12 pitch. 

Also notable is that most steep slope roofing products are not considered water-proof. They are designed to shed water as rain falls on a roof in a downward angle with the shingles allowing the water to flow and run off the roof. Sometimes when events such as wind-driven rain or ice forming on a roof take place, water can penetrate at an upward angle. This can potentially result in leakage.

It’s a common belief that roof replacement is no more than nailing new shingles to the existing surface. However, the reality is that steep slope residential-style roofing is a highly technical procedure. Installing a new roof without proper education could result in deterioration to the structure of the home.

Our Level of Education and Accreditation

We take great pride in the knowledge we have obtained through varied training. Our team has manufacture certification training and education through our manufacturers. We believe that theethical and proper way to install a roof is to have the appropriate training, skills and factory trained project managers overseeing the installation. Furthermore, we clearly understand that a roof system is an intricate process. This process consists of the following:

  • proper undergarments
  • superior roof deck protection
  • correct fastening
  • detailed flashing
  • custom attic ventilation
  • proper sealants and adhesives
  • following industry specifications and roofing manufacturers installation guidelines

Less than 6 out of every 100 roofing contractors are as well decorated and accredited as Final Cut Roofing and Construction, LLC. We follow such strict procedures and installation guidelines that our labor warranty is backed by the largest manufacturer in the roofing industry: GAF/ELK.

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