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How to Prepare Homes for a Roof Replacement

Based on the material used during construction, the average roof in Texas lasts between 25 and 50 years. Over time, damage and deterioration will occur, and roof repairs won’t be enough to protect your home from the elements.

Roof replacement is inevitable but can keep your home’s integrity intact and increase its value. If you know you have a roof replacement in the works, here are some industry tips for getting your home and family ready for the process.

1) Keep Your Driveway Clear

A roof replacement can pose several threats to your vehicles and anything around its vicinity. One of the most common is the potential for damage to your car from falling debris or tools during the replacement process.

When workers dismantle the old roof, they can inadvertently break off pieces that could land on vehicles in the area and cause dents, chips, and scrapes. Keep your family vehicles safe and move them curbside during the hours workers are completing your roof replacement.

2) Take Wall Decorations Down

While most roof replacement companies will make every effort to respect the integrity of your home, it’s common for a roof replacement to vibrate throughout the walls.

These rumblings can accidentally knock down art, wall decor, or precious family photos. Removing wall decorations before the roof replacement is always in your best interest.

3) Make a Plan for Kids and Pets

Roof replacements involve removing roofing materials that could seriously injure pets and children. If you have children old enough to understand the situation, explain what’s going on and the areas they’ll need to avoid around the home while construction takes place.

However, toddlers and pets don’t have the same comprehension abilities. So, it’s always a good idea to get them out of the house for a few days while the roof goes up.

You can always kennel pets and plan a nice trip to a family member’s home or a mini family vacation that keeps your young ones safe and away from the curiosities and dangers of a roof replacement.

4) Protect Your Plants

The last thing you want during your roof replacement is stray shingles and debris landing on your plants and permanently damaging them. If you have potted plants that could become collateral damage, bring them inside.

Otherwise, we suggest covering your plants with a tarp that helps protect them and signals to your contracting team that this is an area of your home they need to be wary of.

5) Make Outdoor Electrical Outlets Accessible

Your roof replacement team will come equipped with technology and tools that often require using an outdoor outlet. Make sure yours is clear of shrubs, bushes, or other obstructions that will make reaching an outlet difficult. The quicker your roofing team can access outlets, the faster they’ll be able to start your project.

6) Protect Your Attic Belongings

Roof replacements leave your attic exposed to the elements. Often, people store precious items in their attic for safekeeping. Don’t let your memories and keepsakes get tarnished. Move your attic belongings to an unaffected home area or invest in temporary storage.

7) Warn the Neighbors

Roof replacements can be noisy projects. It’s only polite to let your neighbors know your plans ahead of schedule. This can help them prepare for noise disruption that won’t create a nasty surprise or neighborly ill will.

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