French Drains

French Drains Gutters Final Cut Roofing A beautiful way to protect your foundation!

What are French Drains?

French Drains are an elegant and effect way to drain rain water away from your foundation. Traditional down spouts are cut off right at the base where the gutter meets the foundation (example in top left picture above). It becomes necessary to have either a concrete or plastic splash guard at the base to prevent rain water from washing out the soil. Unfortunately, these splash guards usually come with their owl list of problems. Plastic splash guards are too light and can move or be blown away in the wind. Concrete splash guards can actually cause water to gather and cause serious maintenance issues such as mold, insects, and moist soil. French Drains are the best solution for down spouts that easily get over flooded.

What are the benefits of French Drains?

  • They protect your foundation
  • They recycle rain water for your flower beds
  • They add elegant curbside appeal
  • Low to no maintenance of your down spouts
  • Saves you time and money

How to purchase French Drains?

So now that you know what French Drains are, doesn’t it sound like such a great idea to install them on your home? The best way to purchase French Drains is to call us at 888-618-3271 or click Request a Free Estimate or email us your questions at our Contact Us Page. We take several factors into consideration and customize an installation that’s designed just for your home and your home only. Some of those factors are the steepness of your roof, the amount of liner feet of gutters, and appropriate locations authorized under city building codes. You’ll save time and money by getting the job done right the first time around. Call us today!

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